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EcoSolifer is a vertically integrated Swiss Company involved in PV power generation. The Corporation and its subsidiaries have the know-how and control the entire PV technology value chain with the ultimate goal of producing electricity via the lowest achievable cost structure.

EcoSolifer provides turnkey PV solutions, based on thin film deposition technology and the application of PV modules. R&D, planning and elaboration of application activities are based in Hungary because of the decades of existing PV know-how owned by Hungarian scientists. As PV developer of high performance solar technology own patents underline the future oriented company strategy.

The Company has called together a team of recognized scientists, engineers and managers in the field of semiconductor/photovoltaic technologies, equipment design and proven international management, to execute a new generation development project.


Solar has made enormous progress toward “grid parity” in the last few years and today solar is more than cost competitive in comparison to conventional power generation in many geographies. It is no longer the level of the feed-in-tariff but on the contrary the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) in EUR per kilowatt-hour that impacts the economic rules of the power generation market.

The already achieved low Levelised Cost of Energy calls for rising utilization of PV in the industrial, commercial and residential sector. Hitherto existing subsidies unfortunately distorted appearance of solar in the public arena which has led to a perception that solar is an inevitable but uneconomic power generation source.

Economics already reached by solar, influences drastically business investment in independent power generation facilities and self-consumption.

As a result, there has been an additional focus on the research and development of “real” Building Integrated Photovoltaic like façades, roofs, windows etc. as an additional and inimitable future energy generation origin, which has to be considered. This will encourage the consumer to produces its own energy on-site and cover ‘local’ demand accordingly.


Two recognized main PV technologies - crystalline silicon and thin film – dominate the market and are competing with their different specific advantages.

While efficiency of the silicon based crystalline modules reaches higher values, on the other hand thin film technology has different particular benefits, which affect directly the Levelised Cost of Energy by reducing this cost factor significantly:

  • Significant lower degradation by higher ambient temperature
  • Utilization of wider light-spectrum
  • Better performance in diffuse light (humidity, dust etc.)
  • No sensitiveness to shadowing means no risk of power shortage
  • Nearly independency of sun incident angle
The combination of both silicon-based technologies is generally called HeteroJunction Technology (HJT), which delivers impressive results in production cost, efficiency and LCOE by linking the above-mentioned numerous advantages.

EcoSolifer has introduced a leading edge own-engineered leatest generation solar solution, with a substantially more efficient energy output; helping to achieve the energy efficiency results the global PV industry is aiming for.


The HeteroJunction technology has the advantages of crystalline silicon solar cells with excellent absorption and passivation characteristics of amorphous silicon, which is well known from established thin film technology. To produce the electric structures of HeteroJunction cells, it is necessary to apply thin layers of doped and intrinsic amorphous silicon on both sides of n-type silicon wafers as well as transparent, conductive oxide layers (TCO) to absorb the generated power.

The result is a high quality solar cell with high energy efficiency levels of circa not yet seen by the industry while having fewer, and cost saving, steps in the production process in comparison to conventional crystalline cell. Outstanding thermal coefficient ensures highest energy yield under warm operational conditions.


Related News - 21 August, 2018

Subsequent to successful restructuring EcoSolifer Group and consequently new arranging its international appearance project of establishment 100MWp HeteroJunction photovoltaic cell manufacturing plant in Csorna (Hungary) can be continued with intensified activities. Turn- key manufacturing line already supplied by Meyer Burger AG and temporary stored nearby the factory is in the process of move-in, following immediate installation. Commissioning is planned for 2018 Q4, while production ramp up for 2019 Q1/Q2. (more...)

Related News - 21 August, 2018

To reach these ambitious objectives, the DISC consortium consists of 13 partners from industrial actors and research institutes from 7 European countries. (more..)

Related News - 17 November, 2016

New momentum for the EU PV research and industry - Towards high efficiency cost effective PV cells. Double-side contacted solar cells with Innovative carrier-Selective Contacts (DISC).
Successful project launch. (more..)

Building is now ready! - July, 2016


Related News - 04 December, 2015

The company plans to manufacture its multi-junction PV modules in the Southern Brazilian state, and is currently investigating locations.

Switzerland's Ecosolifer announced plans this week for a PV module factory in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. In its first phase, the factory will have the capacity to produce 100 MW of solar PV modules annually, with an investment estimated at around US$10 million. (more...)

Related News - 10 August, 2015

Meyer Burger concludes key strategic contract for about CHF 29 million for the delivery and provisioning of a fully integrated high efficiency heterojunction cell line with European PV manufacturer EcoSolifer. The total contractual volume includes an option for the future delivery of advanced SmartWire Connection Technology. (more...)

Related News - 22 July, 2015

EcoSolifer AG, a Swiss solar company, is planning a panel plant in Brazil as the country seeks to develop a domestic supply chain for photovoltaic components. (more...)


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